Lights, Camera, Cocaine! Film Reels Used to Smuggle Blow

Lights, Camera, Cocaine!

Film Reels Used

To Smuggle Blow

6/10/2015 8:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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It looks like the worst drug smuggling scheme ever on film — ’cause a guy got busted for transporting mounds of coke inside film canisters … in a plot way thinner than anything you saw in “Blow.”

Newark Airport customs agents grew suspicious after finding 36 film tins inside his luggage – and unless he was shooting ‘Godfather 4’ … that was the first hint something was up.

Agents found disks filled with the coco tucked inside the film strips. Total haul — 10 lbs. with an estimated street value of $177,000.

As for the other hints — well, the flight was arriving from … COLOMBIA!! Oh, and the alleged smuggler’s last name is Espinosa.

Sorry, but if your name is Andres Filipe Alean Espinosa, and you’re flying in from Colombia with 36 film tins … you’re probably getting a secondary search. 

This guy’s no George Jung

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